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lookingtoescape's Journal

testing 1 2 3
i like
.the twilight series & esp. stephenie meyer for writing them
.the hp series & JKR
.coldplay, muse & keane are my top faves among other random artists
.just relaxing (seems like there's never enough time for that...)
.day dreaming
.icon-ing/macro-ing (lol im still new @ it)
.robert pattinson *SWOONS*-need i say more?
.jackson rathbone *puts on aviator sunglasses*
people i want to meet:

-all the members of these bands heh
.coldplay-berryman+base guitar= :D:D
.keane-Chaplin has amazing vocals

-the entire twilight cast
.jackson rathbone-so i can fix his hair (JKJK :P Its better now..), so i can just meet him and hear him talk--really, i think he has a really nice voice :) (hmm soothing almost? in other words i think hes a perfect jasper :P)
.cam's abs ;D JKJK x)
.kristen stewart!-so i can ask her how it was working with rob :D
.robert pattinson <3 :D

-entire HP cast too

&i tend to go into extreme fangirl mode whenever new info on twilight is released. =)
and ummmmm, ill add some more later when i think of it...

LAYOUT BY:Minty Peach&Helena. TYSM! :)